Fissure Park

Iceland Option Studio | MIT

Over the years, the diverging Eurasian and North American Plates split Iceland along the middle, creating a system of fissures on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that runs perpendicular to the forces. The fissures have highly textured vertical walls, some of which are so tall that they give an awing sense of enclosure and space simply by the sheer size of the crevasses. The first parliament of Iceland was located at Thingvellir, a site of dramatic fissures.

This project is an architectural fantasy inspired by the magical landscape. Located at Lake Thingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland, Fissure Park claims one of fifteen fissures underneath the vast water body and opens the lakebed for adventurers to explore. Venturing between the chasms and out in the tunnels, hikers discover the amazing photic layers nature has to offer.